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The Lucky Dog of Todmorden

Located in beautiful Centre Vale Park, this life size sculpture, cast in steel, has gained a reputation for bringing good luck to anybody that gives it a friendly pat.

Contact details

  • Centre Vale Park, Burnley Road, Todmorden, OL14 7DE
  • 01706 818181

Information on The Lucky Dog of Todmorden

Attraction type:
  • Adventure & Leisure
  • Family
  • Historic Sites & Trails
  • Pet friendly
  • The Calderdale Way
  • Walking Friendly

Go and pose for a photo with The Lucky Dog, give him a pat for luck and enjoy the play areas, open spaces and walking at the Park.

The life size ‘Lucky Dog’ was carved from a block of expanded polystyrene, which was then cast directly into steel at the Todmorden foundry of Weir Minerals, in a lost-wax process. The sculpture was donated to Centre Vale Park and is installed next to the Memorial Gardens, gazing at the tops of nearby Widdop.

The Lucky Dog was made famous by Derren Brown’s TV Show ‘The Experiments.’

Accessibility Information:

  • There are several level or sloped access points to Centre Vale Park and level pathways throughout.
  • Disabled public toilets are also available. You will require a RADAR key to access them.