From the 13th April 2024 to 5th April 2025, we will be celebrating Calderdale’s 50th anniversary with a year-long programme of creativity and activity. Calderdale’s Year of Culture 2024 is a testament to the spirit of our borough.


We’re partnering with Calderdale’s incredible creatives, businesses and residents to bring culture and creativity into the fabric of everyone’s lives.


CultureDale fuses ‘Calderdale’ and ‘Culture’ in a way that only we can own. It reflects the diverse, vibrant and engaging culture of Calderdale, which runs through every aspect of our borough, with a unique and engaging cultural identity. CultureDale is about hearts and minds as well as a destination. It is a special place where rich history, amazing landscapes, incredible people, unforgettable characters, vision and entrepreneurship all reside.


This is our place.


This is CultureDale.


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