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The Folklore Centre

With exhibitions, events, a library, shop and tea room, there's plenty to see and do!

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The UK’s only Community Folklore Centre!

What is Folklore?


  • is the study and celebration of customs, traditions and belief.
  • connects us to other cultures, communities and generations.
  • builds community, stitching our social fabric.
  • tells stories that help us to make sense of the world around us.
  • is the language of community.
  • is our intangible cultural heritage.
  • is an active, living thing we are in the process of creating while also preserving for future generations.

Welcome to the Folklore Centre, Todmorden. A home and meeting point for Folklore in the North of England, celebrating Arts, Film, Crafts, Library, Archive, Education, Workshops, Exhibitions, Storytelling, Conferences and Local Folk History.

Within the Centre we have a small Folklore Shop selling a variety of folklore inspired pieces by artists and makers across the UK, including prints, cards, ceramics, bags, mugs, ornaments, wands and much more! We also have a local second-hand bookseller, who stocks the shelves, with a great eye for finding gorgeous folklore and related books.

We aim to support artists and local business while a percentage goes towards keeping our activities going.

Please visit our website for the latest What’s On listings.


Opening Times:

Wednesday to Saturday 10am – 3pm (events 4pm Saturdays)