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Lister Lane Cemetery

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Lister Lane Cemetery is a green oasis, three acres of tranquility close to the heart of Halifax town centre. The Cemetery can be  a place to relax or take some outdoor exercise. An important part of Calderdale’s rich architectural heritage, Lister Lane Cemetery is an attractive location for photography and sketching; the changing moods of nature through the seasons offer a variety of opportunities in this field.

The Cemetery has been recognised as a Significant Cemetery in Europe, one of only 13 in the UK, putting it alongside such famous cemeteries as Highgate in London!

The Halifax General Cemetery, Lister Lane, was opened in 1841. Today, the Cemetery has Grade II listed status and has many interesting monuments, particularly the gothic spires and obelisks along the main pathway.  The Cemetery is laid out around a now derelict neo-classical chapel and a raised terrace with views across Halifax to Beacon Hill.

Lister Lane Cemetery is the last resting place of many Halifax residents, some of great significance, such as; Ben Rushton, the famous Chartist Leader; Abel Dean, who conducted Piece Hall “Sings”; Pohlmann the piano-maker; Jonas Dearnely Taylor, co-founder of Halifax Permanent Building Society; and entrepreneurs such as the Crossleys of Dean Clough. 

Lister Lane Cemetery is open to the public on Wednesdays from 10am – 3.30pm and most Sundays (weather permitting) from 10am – 12pm when the Friends of the Cemetery are working there. The site can be opened to visitors by appointment with the secretary by phone, or via the website and conducted tours are available for groups. 

Can you can spare a couple of hours on a Sunday or Wednesday morning to assist with ground-clearance, maintenance or gardening? No experience is necessary and the Friends of Lister Lane Cemetery can supply the tools.  You can also register as a member of the friends for just £3 per annum.