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For over 30 years, Halifax Ski & Snowboard Centre has nestled in the hills above Halifax, West Yorkshire. Originally the slope virtually just sat on top of the field and was made of a material called “Dendix”. Whilst great for learning, something new was needed for the ever progressing the sports of Skiing and Snowboarding. In 2000, major changes were to take place to turn the old “Dendix” ski hill into a virtual mountain, complete with big air jump, moguls, fun box, ¼ pipe… and all covered in the new revolutionary ski surface called “Snowflex”.

The new surface of “Snowflex” is designed to be more like snow and can be moulded into many shapes. This allows endless possibilities of features you would find on a real mountain. It’s also super safe with an impact foam layer beneath the surface to cushion falls and landings.

When the slope was built, it became the forefront of the UK freestyle Ski & Snowboard scene and has seen many of the UK’s best talent start out from here. Names include Jamie Nicholls, Andy Nudds, Katie Ormerod and Tyler Harding to name a few.

The BIG AIR kicker at the time was the largest in the UK and is still widely regarded as one of the best.

Lessons, Taster Lessons and gift vouchers available.

To book recreation time or lessons, please book online.

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