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Paddle & Chase Cannine Hydrotherapy

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At Paddle and Chase we believe your dog is entitled to a caring and effective treatment because happy and healthy dogs are our priority. Our fully qualified NARCH (National association of registered canine hydrotherapists) hydrotherapist will devise an individual treatment programme to meet your dog’s specific needs and aim to achieve real improvement, mentally and physically.

Our proactive approach includes an assessment each session to re-evaluate your canine plan and ensure the treatment session is perfect for your dog’s ongoing needs. We have a genuine passion for what we do and are dedicated to the wellbeing and safety of each dog we treat.

We proudly own one of the largest Hydrotherapy Pools in Yorkshire with easy sloping ramp access, making it suitable for extra large breeds. We also have a raised viewing area where you can sit with a complimentary refreshment in comfort and watch your dog have the time of their life! FREE fast WiFi is also available.