LET’S GROW comes to Calderdale!


LET’S GROW comes to Sowerby Bridge on 3rd August

LET’S GROW comes to Todmorden on 4th August

LET’S GROW comes to Elland on 5th August

LET’S GROW comes to Brighouse 6th August

For the Summer of ‘22, Let’s Grow is on tour around Calderdale, visiting Sowerby Bridge, Todmorden, Elland & Brighouse!

You’re invited to join the Let’s Grow Allotment Nannies, their adorable family of baby fruits & vegetables and a very special guest, for Summer holiday fun and giggles! Come and enjoy the larger than life street performances, interactive theatre installations and inventive treasure trails that are happening in the heart of your local area!

Relax at the pop-up allotment, marvel at the magic shed and walk side by side with Zelva the Giant Tortoise, the world’s oldest and most awesome reptile! Play hide & seek around town with the fruit & vegetable babies and complete the Treasure Trail to win a prize! Let’s make it a Summer to remember, with Let’s Grow!

Tour dates…

Wednesday 3rd August: Tuel Lane Car Park, next to Tuel Lane Lock, Sowerby Bridge

Thursday 4th August: Pollination Street Garden, Todmorden

Friday 5th August: Southgate Bandstand, Elland

Saturday 6th:  In front of the Parklets in Bethel Street Car Park, Brighouse

The Let’s Grow Magic Shed & Treasure Hunt

The Let’s Grow Fruit & Vegetable Babies are playing Hide & Seek! Can you find where everyone is hiding? Collect a map, clues and stickers from the Let’s Grow Magic Shed and return when you’ve completed the treasure hunt! Get ready to ring the victory bell and collect a special Let’s Grow Award! The Let’s Grow Magic Shed is always at the heart of the action! Stop by and say hi!

Pop-up Allotment

The Let’s Grow Nannies invite you to join them in their pop-up Allotment for a bit of gardening and childcare. Come inside the picket fencing and get stuck into the daily duties of feeding, bathing and caring for all the adorable baby fruits and vegetables. Audiences are encouraged to befriend, feed and comfort all manner of earthen toddlers, such as Hercules the bodybuilder Butternut Squash, Peep the Cauliflower, who wants to be a paramedic and Jolene the Sweetheart Cabbage who’s practicing to be a Magician.

Zelva the Tortoise

Life lessons from the wisest creature on the planet! Meet Zelva, the beautiful giant Tortoise. Walk side by side with the World’s oldest and most awesome reptile, help to feed her, stroke her enormous shell and be inspired by a close up encounter with nature at its most incredible! Learn to how to slow down, take life easy …and never forget to stop and eat the roses! Zelva can be shy though… will she come out of her shell? ‘Lettuce’ hope so!

Public consultation

Visitors to the Let’s Grow Summer events with be able to take part in consultation to gather ideas for the borough-wide celebration of Calderdale’s 50th birthday in 2024.

More information about Let’s Grow Live Events & Online Early Years Educational Resources

Let’s Grow is brought to you by Ben Faulks, co-creator and presenter of the award winning CBeebies brand, Mr. Bloom’s Nursery. Let’s Grow combines the core themes of Mr Bloom’s Nursery with the shows of Ben and his wife Mimi’s theatre company, Plunge Boom. Established in 2006, Plunge Boom specialise in imaginative and interactive street theatre for family audiences. Let’s Grow champions nature, nurture, wellbeing and imaginative play with a deftness of touch that leaves an indelible impression upon audiences of all ages.

Let’s Grow Live Events. For more than 15 years audiences have loved helping the Nannies in looking after their charming family of baby fruits and vegetables; and for over a decade Mr. Bloom has been inspiring global audiences with his trademark combination of horticulture and humour. Let’s Grow Live Events embody all of this award winning entertainment, providing a whole new level of immersion and scale, a veritable Bloomiverse!

Let’s Grow Online. This engaging early years creative educational resource develops language and communication skills, critical thinking and confidence as well as supporting wellbeing in a range of settings.  The resource inspires learning through play and provides educators with the tools to maximise creativity, underpinned by the Early Years Foundation curriculum.

Participants are immersed in the world of plants, healthy eating, growing and gardening, led by CBeebies’ best-loved gardener, Mr Bloom and his friendly neighbours Bob & Flo (The Nannies!). An array of interactive films, songs, educational resources and hands-on sensory experiences enable children to learn effortlessly.

Deep learning happens when children are motivated and emotionally connected. As part of Let’s Grow Online, children are visited by our adorable family of baby fruits and vegetables who are the enchanting catalyst for deep learning experiences.

Let’s Grow Online is aimed at children aged 3 to 5, but is also great fun for children up to 7. It’s accessible to all early years educators, via three tailored portals, for teachers in educational settings (schools, nurseries or home educators); for early years practitioners in an arts, cultural or community organisations; and for grown-ups at home with young children (childminders and family members).

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