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23 Mar 2024 - 19 May 2024

Tzipporah Johnston – The Museum of Monotropism

Price: Free

Event description

Door in the Wall Arts Access CIC presents The Museum of Monotropism – an exhibition exploring autistic experience, by embroidery and mixed-media artist Tzipporah Johnston.

Booking is required for the artist talk and private view.

Please note that the exhibition will be open to the public from 10am on Saturday 23rd March.

The Museum of Monotropism is an immersive installation that weaves together embroidery, mixed media, and found objects, creating a living museum that reflects the artist’s autistic brain. Through Tzipporah’s special interests in folk magic and natural history, the exhibition explores autistic ways of perceiving and interacting with the world, centred around the concept of “Monotropism.” Monotropism describes the way that the autistic brain tends to focus very intensely on one or two passionate interests, and struggles to process things outside these “attention tunnels”. While this brings challenges, it also gives autistic people a unique perspective on the world, and immersion in one’s special interests can be a source of immense comfort and calm. Tzipporah’s installation presents a nuanced depiction of autism from an autistic perspective, told through her passionate collecting and delicate, precise embroideries.

Dates: Saturday 23rd March to Saturday 19th May, 2024
Opening Hours: Wednesday-Friday, 10am to 3pm; Saturday 10am-4pm.
Admission free

Artist talk and private view: Saturday, 23rd March, 4pm to 6pm

Access Information
The exhibition has also been designed with accessibility in mind. Visitors to the exhibition can borrow sensory supports such as ear defenders, sensory backpacks, and reading aids, and supporting materials will be available in multiple formats. A visual story will also be available for visitors.

We have created a dedicated access page which will be updated with more information closer to the exhibition opening: https://doorinthewall.co.uk/access/

If you have any access needs you would like to discuss, please contact hello@doorinthewall.co.uk.

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