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21 May 2023 - 21 May 2023

Atar Hadari Poetry Workshop

Price: £12 – 15

Event description

2pm – 4pm

Atar Hadari will lead this unusual poetry workshop with a religious theme.

The story of Esau and Jacob is open to a range of interpretations and after reading the King James’ Version translation together.

Atar will work with participants to create an initial response Esau would have made as a starting point for a poem.  We’ll look at examples of other bible poems and explore how they contrast with traditional attempts to explain difficult stories.  This will be followed by reading and sharing aloud work created on the day, plus a discussion of any other bible stories people want to discuss as problematic and whether bible commentators do or do not teach the bible as “an axe to break the sea of ice within us” in the words of Franz Kakfa.

Depending on time, there will be another opportunity to write a poem on a bible story of your own choosing and read and share before we conclude the workshop.

Workshops require a minimum of 8 for us to run. We will confirm to all participants as early as possible once confirmed numbers are reached.


£12 – £15



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