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18 Oct 2023 - 18 Oct 2023

British Urban Film Festival Strand 12 & BUFF Strand 13 + Q&A

Price: £12.57

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The British Urban Film Festival has arrived in God’s own country – Yorkshire! The weekday schedule for BUFF 2023 comes from Halifax with 48 films across 4 nights with 2 slots on each night. Supported by Calderdale Council and West Yorkshire Combined Authority. 

BUFF strand 12 | Be Seen & Be Heard (3 films) BUFF strand 13 | We Are Fantasy (6 films) followed by Q&A after all 9 films

Wednesday, October 18 · 5:30 – 8:05pm

BUFF strand 12 | Be Seen & Be Heard


The lesson of courage (Director: Ricky Sun)

China, 21mins

The story happened in a small town in the south of China,On the way home from a junior high school, Xiao Nan passed the mountain road and see a shack. He witnessed his drunken mother is being raped by a homeless in the shack. After the incident, Xiao Nan’s mother tries to keep that secret from the shack, in order to keep her promotion. However, this secret is slowly building a black hole…

Inertia (Director: Sheridan Seraphin)

UK, 12mins

Inertia’ tells the story of one woman’s navigation through a nocturnal city on her way home after drinks with colleagues. The film also examines how accumulated abuses, both subtle and gross, can affect our present actions.

Old Windows (Director: Paul Holbrook)

UK, 17mins

A struggling cafe owner is intrigued when a mysterious, elderly stranger takes an interest in her seemingly mundane life.

BUFF strand 13 | We Are Fantasy

Dinghy (Director: Sangeet Prabhaker)

UK, 5mins

After barely making it ashore onto the English coastline, a refugee and the man who smuggled him seek safety after a treacherous channel crossing, both pursued by and summoned to a place of darkness.

Merger (Director: Daniel Negret)

UK, 7mins

A Man’s commitment to his job takes a dark and surreal turn for the worst.

Ezekiel Fitzgerald (Director: AJ Singh)

UK, 11mins

Ezekiel is sent by his Mum to meet some distant relatives after the passing of his Father. Unbeknown to Ezekiel, he is about to discover that he is related to Wizards and they need him for reasons concerning the entire Wizarding world.

Julie Last Name (Director: Alex Beh)

USA, 16mins

Two old friends encounter a server over dinner who won’t disclose her last name while discussing life, love, The Berenstein Bears, and how the universe may have shifted the night the Cubs won the World Series.

The Romance Of / Unrequited Love (Director: Aleksei Doktorevich)

USA, 18mins

“The Romance of Unrequited Love,” tells the story of introverted musician Geo who grapples with unspoken attraction towards his sister’s fiancé, Matteo. As the pressure of the hidden feelings grows, Geo seeks escape and free expression in his music. With the premiere of his composition, he confronts his vulnerabilities and discovers the power of music in conveying emotions. The story delves into complex relationships, self-discovery, and the courage to embrace one’s true self, culminating in a profound realization that sometimes the most profound love stories are those unspoken and hidden in heartfelt melodies.

followed by Q&A after all 9 films.



Vue Halifax has wheelchair access throughout the venue and in all screens. The venue is accessed through two sets of double doors – one is automatic. All screens are on one floor with access by stairs and lift.

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