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28 May 2023 - 28 May 2023

Antidote Presents Structure and Freedom

Price: £10.50

Event description

This event takes place in the Victoria Theatre Green Room Bar on the Circle Level (first floor). 


French improvising pianist, vocalist and composer Delphine Dora’s boundless creativity and musical ingenuity, her fearless commitment to spontaneity, her musical sensitivity and courage enable her to move exhilaratingly between structure and freedom, tension and resolution, unpredictability and a thrilling sense of adventure.

Scottish multi-instrumentalist Pefkin (Gayle Brogan) layers vocals, synths, violin and other stringed instruments with field recordings to create gorgeous, slowly-unfolding ritualistic hymnals that draw heavily on the landscape and natural world. Establishing musical structures using elements of melody and harmony gives Pefkin freedom to push herself in unexpected directions, finding mesmerizing new ideas in every performance.

As an artist Chemaine’s output is widely varied but all underpinned by brave and skilled improvisation, connection and collaboration. Chemaine’s sensitive yet bold and totally unique movement performances never fail to create exciting and unique connections between artists and audiences.

As with all Antidote events, the evening will include a section of musical collaboration between the two acts (who have not worked together before); spontaneous or pre-prepared, but ultimately, something totally unique and event-specific emerges each time.

Antidote: Our unique and experimental music programme

Antidote is a programme of artistes that see things from a slightly different point of view, for audiences who like to challenge their understanding of live music. Each of the events in the Antidote series are curated by internationally recognised composer, musician and songwriter Aby Vulliamy and feature some of the UK’s finest musicians and performers.

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