CultureDale is a new brand that is designed to showcase how special and unforgettable our cutural offering truly is. We are bold and dynamic, So we are launching Calderdale as a whole new destination to intrigue and inspire residents and visitors to get involved and explore everything we have to offer. Overall, CultureDale should be used to refer to all of the towns in Calderdale. Every cultural business, event and visitor attraction with a cultural offer is encompassed within CultureDale to create one, vibrant, unique cultural community.


In short, everyone! CultureDale is about our cultural offering and experience as a destination, so it includes all of the different organisations, businesses, spaces, attractions and events you can see on the left and more. We want residents to be proud to live in CultureDale, a place with so much to see and do, so we want to encourage as many residents, stakeholders and visitors to use the brand as possible. This is an inclusive campaign, so join the fun and spread the word!

If we can assist you in any aspect of sharing the CultureDale brand and supporting this campaign to showcase our amazing region, get in touch with the team today. Email: