Yorkshire Team Building

Yorkshire Team Building

“Ey up”…

We’d like t' invite thee to our real working farm in t’ Pennine hills above ‘ebden Bridge. A warm Yorkshire welcome awaits, with Yorkshire Tea ‘n’ locally made cakes to set you up for t’ day. There’s no wifi and not much in’t way o’ phone signal so we’re afraid y’ll have to make do. You can drink in t’ spectacular views of the beautiful Upper Calder Valley while ruminating tha’ next big challenge…: Sheep.

The sheep are looking forward to meeting you and they promise to be on their best behaviour (honestly) while you attempt to solve the challenges of gathering the herd. We will set you a range of challenges ‘aht in’t field’, and lets call a spade a spade; how many you get depends on ‘ow good you are. You will need to get your heads together to make it work. Depending on your reason for visiting we can facilitate team discussions and ensure your team takes home some key learning or you can just have fun in the fields.

Sheep Herding

When ‘ewe’ have worked up an appetite why not take a load off for a while and eat a hearty Yorkshire dinner (lunch) provided by RachAls Kitchen. You can look back over the morning’s tasks while you eat.  Time to get back to ‘the girls’ we’ll step it up a bit this time, get ready for the final field game, the climax, the true test of a team. Your patience, communication and planning will ‘appn be tested this time.

If you achieve this troublesome task you’re due a well earned reward. Free to all successful teams, an opportunity to sample some fine Yorkshire ales with professional tuition from The Zepto Beer Project. Round off the day nicely with a small (you’re driving!) taste of Yorkshire's finest ales.

A Happy Team Member

For more info and bookings call the team on 01422 843210


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Published at 17 Jul 2017 | Posted by Yorkshire Team Building

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