We're Good to Go Quality Mark

We're Good to Go Quality Mark

“We’re Good To Go” is the official UK mark to show that a tourism and hospitality business has worked hard to follow Government and industry COVID-19 guidelines and has a process in place to maintain cleanliness and aid social distancing.

So where you see the logo above on a business’ entry on VisitCalderdale.com, you can visit them with confidence, safe in the knowledge that they are following all the guidance around COVID-19 to make your visit as safe as possible.

Clicking on this link will take you to a page on our website that gathers in one place all the businesses in Calderdale which we know have achieved the Good to Go quality mark, so you can browse through them.

You can also add the Good to Go quality mark into any other searches you make on VisitCalderdale.com. If you hover your cursor over Plan Your Stay on our top tool bar, a drop down menu will appear.

Select any option (other than Recommended Visits), and the relevnat page will open. On the left of your screen there will be a Plan By heading and under this Towns & Villages and What are You Interested In?

“Good to Go” is one of the search options under What are You Interested In?

So for example;  from menu under Plan Your Stay on our top tool bar, you may have selected Food & Drink. This will bring up a list of all the Food & Drink establishments on our website, in a random order. If you scroll down to select the Good to Go search option, you will now be seeing all the Food & Drink businesses across Calderdale that have the Good to Go quality mark.

You can refine your search by selecting  a town or village, so for example, continung the search described above, you could click on Halifax under the Towns & Villages heading in order to see all the Food & Drink businesses in Halifax that have the Good to Go Quality Mark.

You can refine your searches under the Plan Your Stay headng in this way. So you can look for Accommodation in Hebden Bridge that is Pet Friendly, Shops in Halifax that sell Toys & Gifts etc etc.

VisitCalderdale.com is a fully responsive website, so you can use it on your laptop, tablet or smart phone. The description above applies to viewing the website on a laptop, but if you're using a tablet or smart phone, you'll find the Towns & Villages and What are You Interested In headings by scrolling down to the bottom of your screen.

Published at 12 Aug 2020


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